Earthattwa is a reputed Indian Jute bag manufacturer and exporter, specialising in eco-friendly yet fashionable jute bags that serve as a great alternative to the otherwise traditional plastic bags. Our bags are created keeping in mind not only the latest trends but also the affordability of our customers. We are doing our bit to avoid the fatal consequences of nature by manufacturing reusable textiles. We believe in being the solution and not contributing in the pollution.cotton bag manufacturer india


Our wide collection of canvas bags, beach bags, drawstring bags and wine bottle bags are all made of 100% biodegradable Jute. A few other categories of bags include,

We are one the exceptionally refreshing Cotton Bag Manufacturer in France,US,Poland, in this manner we offer a total scope of items that incorporate the plant items just as new items. our items are very much acclaimed for their quality and heartiness. You can surf through our site on the off chance that you need to purchase cotton sacks of predominant quality.


We offer a restrictive scope of assortment of Cotton Bags in USA,Poland,France and you can choose the one you like. There are different sizes and hues accessible. All the plans of our sacks are deliberately structured by exceptionally gifted specialists and architects and they are planned according to the customer's necessities.

Cotton is a normally delicate, soft staple fiber that develops with the seeds of the cotton plant. (Fiber is long and thin like hair).It is a delicate fleece substance like fine fleece which is developed practically everywhere throughout the world. The primary nations where cotton is developed inexhaustibly are the Poland,USA, INDIA, BRAZIL, and Egypt. Assam is the primary creating states. Indian cotton crop is the second enormous item on the planet.

From the old occasions, cotton utilizations show that it is one of the most crude and human utility item because of its non-abrasiveness, comfort-capacity and lightweightness attributes. Any structure and printing backing can be made with assortments style of cotton sacks because of the one of a kind sort of cotton.

Like jute, cotton is an eco-accommodating item since it doesn't contaminate the earth. That is the reason cotton is getting well known in contrast with different items like plastic or cowhide which is making our condition. Cotton which is one of the world's most-delivered strands has involved an extensive offer in the market worldwide because of its item cotton packs. Because of its adaptable nature and turning cotton has some significant attributes on turning like it has lightweight and firmly woven nature and air-porousness inside it. The result of cotton for example Cotton sack which is acquired from ingenious texture is likewise light-weight and ground-breaking and furthermore its strength when woven with heavier weight cotton.

  • Promotional bags
  • Multipurpose bags
  • Fashion bags
  • Grocery bags
  • Gift bags
  • Tote bags
  • Back packs
  • Shopping bags
  • Cosmetic bags

Our experienced management team is committed towards 100% customer satisfaction and we export bags in USA. Our aim is to make the world greener and plastic free.

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cotton bag, the basic trademark having a place with an old period has figured out how to reevaluate itself as a stylish design adornment that is both very cordial to the earth just as overly helpful. Jute and cotton are regular substances created from the plant. Accordingly, they are bio-degradable. Decay of jute and cotton in the dirt are eco-accommodating, truth be told, it causes soil to hold its quality. Jute and cotton packs are reusable for some reasons. Henceforth, packs made up of such a material are Condition inviting also. They are solid just as more grounded than some other choice.